Alexa Adamo Valverde

Because infertility can be a profoundly lonely and traumatic experience, I believe therapeutic support should be accessible and affordable. It is with this goal in mind that I am pleased to welcome Associate Professional Counselor, Alexa Adamo Valverde, to my practice.


Alexa provides counseling to individuals and couples experiencing infertility at a discounted rate of $100.00 per session. Additionally, she will be co-facilitating my ongoing Coping with Infertility therapy group, which offers concrete coping skills, support, and resources to women struggling to conceive. At a rate of $65.00 per group session, the group provides another lower-cost, yet highly impactful option for women.


In May of 2018, Alexa joined my practice as a Counselor Intern. I was so impressed with her clinical skills, instinct, and warmth that didn't hesitate to ask her to continue her work once her internship was completed. She currently counsels women, couples, and groups facing infertility and other trauma to help them examine their reproductive stories, cope with loss and other challenging experiences, externalize problems, and thrive on the journey to grow their families.


Alexa is a Nationally Certified Counselor and completed the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master of Science degree at Georgia State University in May 2019. She also holds Master of Arts and Bachelor degrees in Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies from GSU. Alexa brings with her a rich background and experience in mental health and wellness, gender and sexuality issues, trauma, and community advocacy.


Utilizing narrative, expressive arts, and play therapies, Alexa considers clients the experts on their lives, and provides therapeutic tools for clients to express and explore concerns in their own unique voice. She works collaboratively with clients to set counseling goals, uncover new understandings of their experiences, and tap into inner strength and wisdom on the path to building a family.

For questions or to schedule with Alexa, you may call her directly at (770) 410-8870 or email her at  Please note: reduced fee rates to not apply to consultation sessions required by Reproductive Endocrinologists. To schedule a consultation session, please contact Tricia Anbinder directly.

Alexa Adamo Valverde

Associate Counselor

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