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The experience of infertility can be a profoundly painful and lonely life crisis. The "roller coaster" of emotions, treatments, and decisions can leave individuals and couples feeling depleted and hopeless. Invisible losses, including miscarriages and failed treatments, often dominate the lives of couples who have to manage overwhelming grief over a sustained period of time. Often, this grief must be repeatedly pushed aside in order to make room for the hope that must accompany a new cycle or pregnancy. Further adding to the pain of this struggle is isolation from friends and family who might otherwise be sources of support. Infertility is, quite simply, a chronic trauma impacting every aspect of individuals' and couples' lives.


If you are experiencing infertility, you are not alone. One in eight U.S. couples face challenges related to conceiving or sustaining a successful pregnancy. Despite this rate, women and men riding the roller coaster of infertility often feel disconnected and alone in the world. This is where I can help. 


I am honored to offer support, guidance, and connective resources for individuals and couples on their paths towards parenthood. I offer psychotherapy for both individuals and couples struggling with infertility, pregnancy loss, and other challenges related to starting the family of their dreams. Additionally, I offer therapy groups for women at any stage of their own journeys. I take great care in creating groups that offer a place for connection, authenticity, empowerment, information, and hope.

In recognition of the great need for supportive resources for couples and families experiencing infertility, I am proud to have co-founded the Atlanta Fertility Support Alliance (AFSA). AFSA was created in 2017 out of collaboration and passion shared with friend and colleague, Shubha Swamy, LPC. Our goal is to provide high-quality, informative, and accessible workshops and seminars for couples struggling with infertility, as well as their support systems. In an effort to decrease the isolation and loneliness of infertility, we strive to shore up resources within a couple's support network - parents, siblings, best friends - by inviting them to participate in many of our events. We are thrilled to partner with local non-profit organizations like Jewish Fertility Foundation, as well as a number of Reproductive Endocrinology clinics in the metro Atlanta Area, to provide our services. 


For more information regarding my services for those struggling with infertility or recurrent pregnancy loss, please call or email me. I'd be honored to hear how I can help. 

Tricia Anbinder, LCSW Atlanta therapist

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Tricia Anbinder, LCSW Atlanta therapist
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