I feel honored to be invited to share individuals' journeys towards greater self-understanding, clarity, and fulfillment. I utilize multiple therapeutic approaches in order to best serve my clients’ own unique needs. My practice is rooted in years of experience in the mental health field and in the belief that a happy, meaningful, authentic life is possible for us all.


A positive relationship with a therapist is the key to feeling both safe and productive in psychotherapy. When I work with individuals, I support their strengths and goals while also challenging fears and encouraging growth. I assist clients in finding their own pace, while also creating an environment in which they feel able to take risks. I help clients explore their past in order to create a more empowered future. In doing so, I help clients to understand and break destructive patterns in their lives and to achieve and maintain well-being and balance.

Areas of Specialty
Relationship Issues

Anxiety or Fears



Tricia Anbinder, LCSW Atlanta therapist

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Tricia Anbinder, LCSW Atlanta therapist
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